Three books on Crown Point

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to Crown Point. Here is a description of Crown Point’s location and climate from the Alaska Community Database:

Crown Point is on the Kenai Peninsula on the Seward Highway and at mile 24.5 of the Alaska Railroad. It lies between Kenai Lake and Lower Trail Lake, 22 miles north of Seward in the Chugach Mountains. The community lies at approximately 60.422220° North Latitude and -149.366670° West Longitude. (Sec. 24, T004N, R001W, Seward Meridian.) Crown Point is located in the Seward Recording District. January temperatures range from 4 to 22 °F. July temperatures vary from 46 to 65 °F. Average annual precipitation is 20 inches.

You can learn more about Crown Point by reading their full profile from the Alaska Community Database.

Looking through WorldCat, I initially only found a map with a subject search for [crown point alaska], expanding to a keyword search requiring the phrase “crown point” and Alaska, I found these titles which at least mention Crown Point in the book:

Persons, Jean. 2007. From dog sleds to float planes: Alaskan adventures in medicine. Eagle River, Alaska: Northbooks.
Larson, Richard. 1991. Mountain bike Alaska: 49 trails in the 49th state. Anchorage, AK: Glacier House Publications.
Dames & Moore, and Alaska. 1987. Crown Point tank car incident environmental monitoring. Anchorage, Alaska: Dames & Moore.
Our march through WorldCat has taken us through dozens of communities. With July 4th coming up next weekend, I think this is a good time to give this series a pause. A pause, not a cancellation. Due to the number of Alaskan communities, the “Three Books on …” promises to be a multiyear project. Starting next week, I’ve got another Alaskan themed series to get out of the way and I don’t want to wait till 2014 to start sharing it.
We’ll continue our Alaska-themed journey though WorldCat after a few months with the community of Deering.