Sometimes it’s the little things that count and annoy

Since most of my readers appear to use RSS feeds to consume content from this blog, you might not have noticed that the front page of my blog looked weird ever since I posted Three Books on Cooper Landing.

I noticed it a few posts after, but only got around to fixing it till Saturday, May 28th. To isolate the problem, I reduced the number of posts that appeared on my front page until the front page looked normal. Then I added back the next post and confirmed that the display looked odd only when that post was displaying. That turned out to be the Cooper Landing post.

WordPress’ default is WYSIWYG, but you can easily switch to editing HTML. I did so and decided that in the book citations I copied over from WorldCat there were some unmatched <div> tags. These tags without an obvious home probably somehow latched onto the invisible CSS that powers my WordPress theme and started messing with my display, throwing my Flickr widget down to the bottom of the page.

I removed all the <div> tags in the Cooper Landing post and all was well. <div> tags have also been given me headaches at work. Those headaches are going away as I learn more basic CSS but I’m still annoyed that I keep running into problems that are as obscure as a single </div> tag throwing everything off.