Three books on Cordova

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to Cordova. Here is a description of Cordova’s location and climate from the Alaska Community Database:

Cordova is located at the southeastern end of Prince William Sound in the Gulf of Alaska. The community was built on Orca Inlet at the base of Eyak Mountain. It lies 52 air miles southeast of Valdez and 150 miles southeast of Anchorage. The community lies at approximately 60.542780° North Latitude and -145.757500° West Longitude. (Sec. 28, T015S, R003W, Copper River Meridian.) Cordova is located in the Cordova Recording District. The area encompasses 61.4 sq. miles of land and 14.3 sq. miles of water. Winter temperatures average from 17 to 28 °F. Summer temperatures average from 49 to 63 °F. Average annual precipitation is 167 inches, and average annual snowfall is 80 inches.

You can learn more about Cordova by reading their full profile from the Alaska Community Database.

Looking through WorldCat, we find these three books with Cordova as a subject, among others:

Ott, Riki. 2008. Not one drop: betrayal and courage in the wake of the Exxon
Valdez oil spill
White River Junction, VT: Chelsea Green Pub.

Ritchie, Liesel Ashley. 2004. Voices of Cordova: social capital in the wake
of the Exxon Valdez oil spill
. Thesis (Ph. D.)–Mississippi State
University. Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work.

Forbes, Edgar Allen. 1913. Cordova, the finest harbor in Alaska. New
York, N.Y.: Leslie-Judge Co.

Join us next week as our trek through WorldCat takes us to Covenant Life, a religious commune.