Alaska Gasline Flashback: 1981 Orange Book

I have a number of side projects I work on a on-again, off-again basis. One of these is compiling a bibliography of federal documents titled by color (i.e. Red Book, White Book, Green Book, etc)

This week I was browsing through the April 1981 issue of the Orange Book: Critical Project Status Report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Projects in the Orange Book were considered to have a significant impact on the nation’s energy supply or on questions of energy policy. According to the introduction in the Orange Book, “Because of their importance to national supply and policy, each energy and issue critical project is assigned to a Project Manager responsible for monitoring throughout the regulatory process – ensuring timeliness and quality of review through the regulatory process.”

Page 13 of the April 1981 Orange Book was dedicated to  CP 78-123 et al, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Systems (ANGTS). At the time, the pipeline construction cost was put at $10 billion and was expected to produce 2.4 billion cubic feet a day.

The FERC status of the pipeline as of April 1981 was:

Prebuild hearings completed. Orders issued. Alaska Segment hearings awaiting submission of financing plan.

The Orange Book also noted that the Gasline was originally meant to have been completed by 1/1/1983. In its “slippage analysis” of that date, FERC noted “Unresolved issues concerning producer participation in financing has held up submission of a financing plan.”

Fast forward 30 years and the past appears to be prolouge.