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Three books on College (Alaska)

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to College, the home of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). Here is a description of Colleges’s location and climate from the Alaska Community Database:

College is located 3 miles northwest of Fairbanks at mile 467.1 of the Alaska Railroad. The community lies at approximately 64.856940° North Latitude and -147.802780° West Longitude. (Sec. 5, T001S, R001W, Fairbanks Meridian.) College is located in the Fairbanks Recording District. Interior Alaska experiences seasonal temperature extremes. Average January temperatures range from -19 to -2 °F. Average July temperatures range from 49 to 71 °F. Annual precipitation averages 11.5 inches, and annual snowfall averages 67.8 inches. During the winter months, if the temperatures drops below -20 °F, ice fog can occur.

You can learn more about College by reading their full profile from the Alaska Community Database.

Looking through WorldCat, we find these three books with College as a subject, among others:

Van Cleve, Margaret. 1999. The first 50 years, 1949-1999: University Community Presbyterian Church, College, Alaska. College, Alaska: University Community Presbyterian Church.
University of Alaska (College). 1971. Fact book: the University of Alaska, College, Alaska. College: The University.
Hessler, Victor Peter, and Eugene Wescott. 1960. Earth current activity at College Alaska, 1956-1958. [College, Alaska]: Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska.

 A WorldCat searching lesson. 90% of the time, a subject search is THE most effective ways to search a library catalog such as WorldCat. You can pull up related items even when the titles and some of the vocabularly don’t match the librarian assigned subject. The case of College Alaska, this breaks down. Doing the the subject search su: college (Alaska) brought up over 600 results, most of which seemed to be about colleges and universities in Alaska. So I chose to do a WorldCat title search of ti:”college alaska”, which gave me a little over a 100 books, most of which were either about or took place in College, Alaska. If what you’re looking for has common words that might appear in many subject headings, consider a title search.

I note that it is still way easier to bring up materials on College, Alaska on WorldCat than on Google. To be fair, a “college alaska” search on Google gives you a map and a wikipedia entry, but then it gives you all sorts of unrelated materials on colleges in Alaska that are far away from the community of College Alaska.

However, the first page of Google search results may eventually include this blog entry, which would allow the casual user to zero in better on College, Alaska. That is the power of librarian added value.

Join us next week as our trek through WorldCat takes us to Cooper Landing.

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