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Photo: Disney Discovers Juneau

Reflective Wonder

Originally uploaded by AlaskanLibrarian

This is the surprisingly low key Disney Wonder as it arrives for its very first visit to Juneau, Alaska.

I had honestly expected a white ship the size of a Norwegian Cruise Lines vessel painted with Mickey and the gang.

Welcome to all of our 2011 summer tourists, flashy and not so flashy.


3 Responses

  1. Disney’s cruise ships are, in fact, surprisingly traditional in design–intentionally. We haven’t been on one, but the line has established a really good reputation, even among cruisers without children. (One interesting thing on the newest Disney ship: Inside cabins have “portholes”–round flat-screen TVs–that actually show what an outside porthole would. Except that, on the virtual portholes, a Disney character may show up now and then, perhaps a sea creature cleaning the window…)

  2. Hi Walt,

    As soon as I posted this, I wondered “Hmm. You don’t suppose Walt will have a review?” Being part of the town that welcomes cruisers, I always appreciate your cruise related comments.

    The virtual portholes sound funny. But you’d think the lack of portholes would be better for getting people out and about on the deck, gift shops, etc.

  3. Well, the virtual portholes are only on inside cabins, and–as with any modern cruise ship–there really aren’t many of those.

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