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Caveat Lector

Thanks to my new “subscribe by e-mail” feature, I can tell a couple of librarians have signed up for this blog over the past few days. I suspect others may have picked up the feed as a result of my recent participation in Library Day in the Life Round 6.

If you’re a librarian who has signed up in the last week, you’re certainly more than welcome to stick around as long as you find this blog engaging or not too annoying to unsubscribe. I thought I should warn you that the title of this blog, “Alaskan Librarian”, refers more to me as a person and less to the subject matter of this blog. That is, this is a blog written by a librarian in Alaska and not so much about libraries or librarianship in Alaska though this does show up from time to time.

The one library-like topic you’ll see here regularly is my Three books on … series.  This series appears once a week on Saturdays. I am working through the list of communities on the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development’s Community Database. I take the names of inhabited communities from that list and perform a subject search in WorldCat. I then list out three books (when available) along with reprinting the “location and climate” section of the community from the Community Database. The books are chosen on the basis of interesting titles, and I give some preference to titles available online. My aim with this series is twofold – to publicize the availability of the amazingly useful Community Database and to show Alaskans that no matter where they live, some library has books relevant to their community.

Aside from the “Three Books on …” series, I can go for weeks without mentioning a library related subject. Aside from my participation in “Library Day in the Life”, I tend not to write about my workplace. I like my job. A lot. But I don’t think I need to chronicle it here on a regular basis. While I do get frustrated with work (who doesn’t?) a blog is NOT the place to take out my frustrations with work. I don’t find that professional.

So, what do I write about? Alaska (though NOT state politics), Astronomy, Civics, History, and Photography, among many other subjects.

If you’re eclectic in your interests, I think you’ll like it here. If you were hoping for the ins and outs of librarianship in Alaska, you’ll need to look elsewhere. You have been warned. Thanks for stopping by regardless of whether you stay.

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