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NANO is Why: Review of How to survive a robot uprising

2011 starts a new, occasional series here at Alaskan Librarian: NANO is Why. As I’ve mentioned before, I participated in the 2010 National Novel Writing month as a non-fiction rebel. I wrote a book of reviews of various fiction and non-fiction works that have come my way over the years. As a book, it doesn’t seem particularly salable. As blog material, it’s priceless to me.

From time to time, perhaps once a week, but I haven’t decided yet, I’ll post a review from my NANO book.

Here’s the first one:

Wilson, Daniel H. 2005. How to survive a robot uprising: tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellion. New York: Bloomsbury Pub. Find in a library: http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/316796098.

This audio book is read by Stefan Rudnicki who gives it just the right droll touch. The book is part introduction to robotics and part satire (I hope). Each chapter opens up with a quote from a movie or book about robots gone amok. The book alternates between explaining how things work, like heat sensors and how that knowledge might help you evade a hostile robot – hide behind walls, thick vegetation, buildings or go out in rain and snow.

Along the way there are little whimsical checklists like the one on how to spot a rebellious robot servant. Hint – look for a sudden lack of interest in menial labor.

I think this book is infotainment at its finest and is well worth listening to or reading. If you live in one of the towns with access to Listen Alaska, you can download the audiobook and judge for yourself. If you’ve read or listened to this book, I’d love to hear from you.

Companion web site: http://www.robotuprising.com

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