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My 2010 NANO Book

If this past month seemed especially light on blogging, it was. I spent November mostly writing in National Novel Writing Month. I wrote 50,000 words in 29 days. The result was a zeroth draft of Entertaining Thoughts: A Compendium of Media Reviews. The manuscript came out to about 125 pages. NANO is mostly intended for fiction writers, but they let in rebels who do stuff like write nonfiction.

I don’t think this will ever be a book as such. You’ll see about 90% of the content on this blog eventually because I’ll be posting edited reviews from the book here.

Participating in NANO was an interesting experience and I’m honestly grateful to the coworker who nudged me into it. It taught me that if I make writing a priority, I can write. I might blanch less at the next journal or book opportunity that I’m offered. Or not. But it was nice to set a goal and make it.

It was also cool to connect with a group of writers and we’re going to have a go at meeting regularly. I already have a project I want to pick up again, about all the “color” books of the federal government.


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