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1M1WNot: Two Wives for David

David son of Jesse was the second King of Israel. Aside from the serious matter of murder and adultery described in 2 Samuel chapters 11-12, David is consistently described as beloved of God and is upheld as the example of the righteous king that Israel seldom had but longed for. Jesus is portrayed as a descendant of David in order to fulfill God’s oath to David.

And of course, he was a polygamist as is first described in 1 Samuel 25:40-43:

When David’s servants came to Abigail in Carmel, they said to her, “David has sent us to you that he may take you as his wife.” Rising and bowing to the ground, she answered, “Your handmaid would become a slave to wash the feet of my lord’s servants.” She got up immediately, mounted an ass, and followed David’s messengers, with her five maids following in attendance upon her. She became his wife, and David also married Ahinoam of Jezreel. Thus both of them were his wives; but Saul gave David’s wife Michal, Saul’s own daughter, to Palti, son of Laish, who was from Gallim.

As we will see later, David did not stand pat with two wives. He picked up more. And, as long as he acquired them within God’s Law, neither God nor man appeared to mind, according to the Bible. “Marriage. One Man, One Woman.” NOT since “the beginning of time.”

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