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Three Books on Chenega Bay

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to Chenega Bay. Here is a description of Chenega Bay’s location and climate from Alaska Community Database:

Chenega Bay is located on Evans Island at Crab Bay, 42 miles southeast of Whittier in Prince William Sound. It is 104 air miles southeast of Anchorage and 50 miles east of Seward. The community lies at approximately 60.065710° North Latitude and -148.010380° West Longitude. (Sec. 24, T001S, R008E, Seward Meridian.) Chenega Bay is located in the Valdez Recording District. Winter temperatures range from 17 to 28 °F. Summer temperatures range 49 to 63 °F. Average annual precipitation includes 66 inches of rain and 80 inches of snowfall.

You can learn more about Chenega Bay by reading their full profile from the Alaska Community Database.

Looking through WorldCat, we find these three books with Chenega Bay as a subject, among others:

Grewe, Nicole, and Eric Caldwell. 2007. Chenega Bay, Alaska: a community and shareholder survey report. [Juneau? Alaska]: Division of Community Advocacy. Read this book online.

Alaska Energy Authority, and Phukan Consulting Engineers. 1992. Chenega Bay hydro-electric study. Anchorage, AK: Alaska Energy Authority.

Stratton, Lee, and Evelyn B. Chisum. 1986. Resource use patterns in Chenega, western Prince William Sound: Chenega in the 1960’s and Chenega Bay 1984-1986. Juneau, Alaska: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence. Read this book online.

Join us next week as our trek through WorldCat takes us to Chevak.

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