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You There! Yes You!

TODAY is Tuesday, November 2nd aka Election Day. Across the country a lot of important decisions will be made, from ballot measures to whether Tea Party backed candidates will be trusted with governing.

========Start Democratic Pep Talk====================

If you live in Alaska and are liberal/progressive leaning, I urge you to join me in voting for Scott McAdams. Despite the claims of both Senator Murkowski and Joe Miller, Senator Murkowski is no moderate. She has blocked action on accountability for torture and has joined virtually every Republican filibuster. She has stated she will caucus with Republicans if re-elected. We shouldn’t have to settle for that if we want something different.

If she does make history by winning this write-in campaign, I believe she will be unassailable for the rest of her career. Senator Murkowski is a smart person and will never allow a repeat of this year’s scenario. People with as weak a record as Joe Miller’s will be systematically exposed and dealt with at the primary level. But we’ll still be stuck with a conservative Republican. Should Miller win with 30 something percent of the vote this time, he’ll almost certainly be ousted in 2016.

==========End Democratic Pep Talk============

Even if you’re disgusted with two party politics, I urge you to vote tomorrow because your state will likely have ballot measures. If you don’t vote on these, someone else will.

If you live in Alaska and are not sure where to vote, check out http://www.elections.alaska.gov/ei_general.php.

If you live outside Alaska, go to usa.gov’s page of State Election Offices and choose your state. Your state election office should have information on where to vote.

A lot is at stake TODAY, here in Alaska and across the nation. Don’t be missing in action.

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