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Vote Now or November 2nd / McAdams for Senate

If you live in Alaska and you’ve made up your mind on how to vote, you can vote now. Or you can wait till November 2nd like I am.

However you feel about the various candidates or measures, I want you to go to the polls. I still believe we are a stronger state and nation when more people participate in elections. A high turnout is balm for things not going my way. Though I hope they will.

If you lean Democratic or progressive and you live outside my state, I hope you’ll vote for your local Democrat for national office.  They may not be great, but I stand by my remarks of last month that they’re worth voting for.

If you live in Alaska, I hope you’ll vote for Scott McAdams for Senate. Despite donating money to his campaign, I’ve hemed and hawed a lot in the last few weeks and I’ve got some specific issues with him.

In the end though, I’m going to stick with Mr. McAdams for two reasons:

1) Based on her support for every Republican filibuster, her repeated votes for funding the Iraq occupation over the years and her failing grade on opposing torture as given by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, I just can’t vote for her this time around. I admit she’s done a lot of good things for Alaska, but the Senate should be about more than bringing home the bacon.

2) If Joe Miller does win, which is still possible but growing less likely, he’ll be vulnerable in the next election. Especially if he actually works to cut off federal dollars for Alaska as he initially indicated he would at the start of his campaign. If Senator Murkowski can win this particular election, I think she’ll wind up being Senator as long as she wants to like her father before her. Whether or not Mr. McAdams wins this year (which I hope he will), defeating Murkowski is the best chance for having this seat turn Democratic in the future.

As I said, I have my issues with Mr. McAdams, but I feel confident he’ll vote for civil liberties and won’t march lockstep with his party. So I’m voting for him.


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  1. I agree. I hemmed and hawed too, for various reasons. Yes, Murkowski has “experience” – she’s been in the Senate, but that doesn’t mean she is effective. Miller has zero experience (never mind the other details). McAdams has been to the Senate on missions for his borough, and the folks in Sitka Borough are pleased with his mayorship. He is also on the National School Board. The way I often decide (no flipping coins), is to find out if a candidate has any civic and volunteer positions in their resume. This generally shows the person is a genuine public servant and not just lookin’ to have a “title” and a government paycheck (hear that Miller?- for someone who wants to get rid of government, he wants to join them, weird.- it would show more conviction to his beliefs, if he moved on a farm with his family and demonstrated how to do that – oh yea, he already did that in Kansas).

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