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Three Books on Central

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to Central. Here is a description of Central’s location and climate from Alaska Community Database:

Central is located on the Steese Highway about 125 miles northeast of Fairbanks and 28 miles southwest of Circle. Circle Hot Springs is located nearby. The community lies at approximately 65.572500° North Latitude and -144.803060° West Longitude. (Sec. 27, T009N, R014E, Fairbanks Meridian.) Central is located in the Fairbanks Recording District. Central has a continental subarctic climate, characterized by seasonal extremes of temperature. Winters are long and harsh, and summers warm and short. The average high temperature during July ranges from 65 to 72 °F. The average low temperature during January is well below zero. Extended periods of -50 to -60 °F are common. Extreme temperatures have been measured, ranging from a low of -71 to a high of 97 °F. Annual precipitation averages 6.5 inches, and annual snowfall averages 43.4 inches.

You can learn more about Central by reading their full profile from the Alaska Community Database.

Looking through WorldCat, we find these three books with Central as a subject, among others:

Jeglum, Connie. 2005. A brief history of the people buried in the Central Cemetery near Central, Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska: Fairbanks Genealogical Society.

Tyrrell, Laurel Beach. 2002. Living the frontier myth in the twenty-first century. Thesis (M.A.)–University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 2002.

Saunders, Robert, and A. W. Balvin. 1975. Material source investigation, Central to Circle Hot Springs. Materials site report. [Alaska]: Engineering Geology Section, Materials Division, Alaska Dept. of Highways.

Time for another lesson in WorldCat searching. Naturally, if I just searched “Central” as a subject, I’d get tons of irrelevant hits. Even if I search su:central Alaska, I’ll get a fair number of hits not related to the town of Central. To find books just about the town of Central, Alaska, I need to take advantage of the cataloging rule that says when a town is added to a subject field the format is [Town name] (State Name). So, a search of su: “Central (Alaska)” brought me just the materials  that actually have the town of “Central, Alaska” as a subject name. The brackets are important.

Such geeky search techniques will not be needed next week, when our trek through WorldCat takes us to Chalkyitsik.

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