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Three Books on Butte

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to Butte. Here is a description of Butte’s location and climate from the Alaska Communities Database:

Butte is located south of Palmer in the Mat-Su Borough, between mile 9 and mile 16 of the Old Glenn Highway. It lies at the foot of Bodenberg Butte, east of a Matanuska River, 42 miles north of Anchorage. The community lies at approximately 61.542220° North Latitude and -149.033330° West Longitude. (Sec. 23, T017N, R002E, Seward Meridian.) Butte is located in the Palmer Recording District. Temperatures in January range from -35 to 33 °F. Temperatures in July range from 42 to 85 °F. Average annual precipitation is 16.5 inches, and average annual snowfall is 43 inches.

You can learn more about Butte by reading their full profile from the Alaska Community Database.

Sad to say, for the second straight week, WorldCat was a bust. A community of 3,255 and not one book written about it has made it into a library.

As with Buffalo Soapstone, not all hope is lost. The Community Database notes ” In 1935, 25 tracts were settled in the Butte area by the Matanuska Colonists, around “Camp 10″ along Bodenburg Loop Road.”

A number of books about the Matanuska Colony days have been written, including:

Lively, Brigitte. 1995. Matanuska Colony sixty years: the colonists and their legacy, 1935-1995. Palmer, Alaska: B. Lively.

A number of historic photos about the Matanuska Colony are available through Alaska’s Digital Archive at http://vilda.alaska.edu. Just type in “Matanuska Colony” as a search term.

Join us next week as our trek through WorldCat takes us to Cantwell, where I guarantee we will have better luck.

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