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Murkowski No RINO


Recently, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has been called a RINO, a “Republican in Name Only.”

A check of her voting record shows this to be untrue and I hope she is touting this to voters who hold the RINO lie against her.

Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina is acknowledged as a major Tea Party ally. According to the voter comparison tool available at OpenCongress.org, Lisa Murkowski votes with him 71% of the time. Almost three out of four times Senator Murkowski can be counted on to vote with one of the most Republican/Tea Party members of the Senate. This sounds like a Republican to me.

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma is one of the Republican’s lead climate change deniers and widely touted as a Conservative Republican. Senator Murkowski votes with him 75% of the time. That sounds pretty Republican to me.

According to OpenCongress, Senator Lisa Murkowski votes with her party 84% of the time. That’s more than her fellow Republicans Collins, Snowe, Bond, and Voinovich,

Senator Murkowski votes the Republican position four out of every five times. That should be Republican enough for anybody.

Disclosure: As of this writing, I am planning to vote for Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams for US Senate. I’ve read what he’s had to say about Alaska issues and I’m willing to support him. He’s not perfect, but who is?


2 Responses

  1. Facts don’t lie. I think some are calling Murkowski a RINO now because they oppose her write-in campaign. Previously, they probably were some of her strongest supporters. I have noticed one good thing coming out of the Tea Party Express’ intrusion into AK politics: there seems to be quite a few Alaskans who are upset about TPE’s attempts to buy this election for Joe Miller. I’ve also noticed that many who voted for Miller in the primary now have voters remorse after discovering that Miller may have broken several laws, his wife received unemployment benefits, and he has received farm subsidies. These people are prime examples of why voters should conduct their own research into candidates before deciding to vote for them.

  2. Hi Majii, Thanks for stopping by.

    If people’s definition of RINO is running against a Rep candidate, I see where you’re coming from. However, people didn’t use that argument against Wally Hickel when he ran on the AIP ticket against the Republican who won the primary.

    My remarks were aimed at people who equate RINO with liberal. Sen. Murkowski’s record of 84% voting the Rep party line is conservative, not liberal.

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