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Photo: Pseudo Southeast Alaska

I was in Washington State last week in a conference I may get around to writing about later. For today though, I want to share a photo I snapped between Redmond and Cheney:

Could be Mendenhall Wetlands, but is not

To me, this scene was very familiar. It looked to me like a view of the Mendenhall Wetlands from around the Fred Meyer area.

Are you aware of places hundreds of miles away that still look like home to you? Leave a comment.


3 Responses

  1. it’s a long way between redmond and cheney (redmond is near seattle, cheney near spokane)

    it looks like your photo is from the ground, but could be from the air, because the foreground is difficult to make out on my monitor

    it could be the cascades range, nearer seattle, but while i’ve been to spokane, not recently, so my memory of that terrain is vague

    this doesn’t answer you original question though, “do you often see things in other places that remind you of home?”, and for me the answer is “yes”, i do see things that remind me of home, but most often it is just fleeting, and thus not really record-able without a camera handy.

    i take it that “the fred meyer area” is a shopping mall in alaska?

  2. Looking at the picture you were in the Easton/Cle Elum area…Just into Eastern WA….must have been the middle of the week when we were having a little fog….I would have bought you lunch if I had known you were south!

  3. Hi Raymond – the photo is from a bus travelling the I-90. Fred Meyer is sort of like Wal-Mart.

    Hi Teresa – How sweet of you to offer.

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