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New Feature: Daniel on Audio

As I mentioned on Sunday, I reorganized the home page of Alaskan Librarian. One thing I did was to create a section in the left hand column called “Daniel on Audio” which will feature my three latest posts from my Audioboo account. Audioboo is a sort of audio blogging service that lets you post items up to 5 minutes in length. I heard about it on episode 558 of For Immediate Release and decided to experiment since all I really needed was an iPhone app.

For now I’m thinking of using it mostly for book reviews, many of which have been posted here, but might try to record some walks, do short article comments, etc. If you have any inclination, you can subscribe to the audio feed at http://audioboo.fm/users/55188/boos.atom. If you work in a library or are professional communicator with an audioboo, please leave your audioboo link in comments.

If you listen to my posts, let me know what you think.

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