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Alaskans – Be Heard on Tuesday – Vote

Alaska’s primary election is tomorrow, August 24th. If you’re a registered Alaskan voter, please vote. Big decisions will be made including:

  1. Will cities be prohibited from lobbying the legislature or being heard in initiative campaigns?
  2. Will teenage girls have to seek the permission of their family or a judge before getting an abortion?
  3. Will a Tea Party candidate win an upset victory over Senator Lisa Murkowski?

The outcome of the first two depends on you, my fellow Alaskans. The last depends on Alaskans registered as Republicans, Nonpartisan and Undeclared.

In keeping with my low profile on state politics, I will not tell you how to vote. But regardless of your position I urge you to vote. If an election is to be seen as the will of the people, then the people need to show up and vote.

Find out where to vote at http://www.elections.alaska.gov/vi_w_polls.php

Find out more about the primary at http://www.elections.alaska.gov/ei_primary.php

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