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Photos with “Adventure”: Climbing Mt. Jumbo

One of the comments left on my recent survey was:

“more pictures from Juneau!! You do beautiful photos!! And more blogging of your adventures!”

That comment inspired this post. On Saturday, August 14, 2010 I climbed Mt. Jumbo, known to the USGS as Mount Bradley.  I reached the summit of 3,041 ft/927 meters in three hours. Making the top in three hours was one of my Living Lean goals and now that I’ve reached it, it’s worth it to me to write about.

I put the word “Adventure” in quotes because while reaching the top in three hours was a person best for me, it is nothing exceptional. People do it all the time. A friend of mine actually made it up in two hours the week before. So it’s adventurous for me, but perhaps not for you.

As my close friends would say, enough prefacing!

When I got up early Saturday morning, it was clear and Mt. Jumbo beckoned:

Mt Jumbo from my Condo.

I got into my hiking clothes and pulled on my backpack. No matter where I’m going, I take extra food, water and other supplies in case something happens to me:

Geared up for hiking

I walked about 20 minutes to reach the Mt. Jumbo Trailhead at 6:15am:


While hiking up the trail, I had some really good views, including this one of fog that had rolled into town while I was climbing.

Above the Channel Fog

My iPhone has a GPS app that works reasonably well. It told me that after one hour I had reached 900′ and that after two hours I had hit about 2500′ and passed the treeline. By three hours I had made the summit. I took a number of photos including this one showing downtown Juneau:

Downtown Juneau

There was photo worthy stuff on the mountain itself, including this picture of an icebound pond:

Packed August Snow on Mt Jumbo

More of my summit photos are available in my Mount Jumbo August 2010 set on Flickr.

After spending an hour on top of the mountain, I started down. I met about 15 people on the way down, most of whom I thought would make it to the summit. Going down was harder for me than going up because of the need to keep my footing. I slipped and pulled things several times and fell on the trail twice. Not too bad. Four hours and fifteen minutes I was back at the trailhead. I decided a small celebration was in order and went to the Douglas Cafe for a “victory lunch” of a Swiss Bacon Burger with a side of homemade clam chowder. I recommend both.

Victory Lunch

That’s my story and my hiking photos.

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