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Some of You Talked – I Listened

For about a week, I had a survey up asking regular readers to give feedback on some features of this blog. I closed out the survey this morning having received 10 responses. Given that my blog averages about 50 visitors a day, I guess this isn’t such a bad response rate.

Any disappointment I might have felt about only getting ten responses was washed away by the lovely comments that six of you chose to leave. I was very happy to hear from all of you and glad to know that I’m inspiring at least one other librarian.

Because there were only ten responses, most of the survey results were ambivalent. That is, there were only two clear preferences.

One very clear preference shown in both comments and survey results was that you liked my photos and would like to see more. Seven of ten found my Flickr Photos interesting. So, as of today, the number of photos from Flickr increases from 7 to 10 and are now displayed in a larger format. I also moved all of the textual items out of the right hand column to make the photos stand out more. In comments to the survey one person hoped I would blog more photos and I’ll think about doing that. This might be nice for the RSS visitors, who according to this survey make up half my readers.

The other clear preference was that most of you found the Archives feature useful. This surprised me and I was thinking of taking it away before the survey. So it stays, although I have turned it into a drop down box like the categories. If you have trouble with it, let me know.

While not backed up by majority preferences, enough of you said you found AK Library News and What the AK Delegation is up to that I left those up on the page. The Congressional feature is down to three items from ten. If you want more, click on the “What the AK Delegation is doing” and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Not asked about in the survey was the “top posts” feature, which I dropped. As one commenter noted, I was looking for stuff to drop off the front page. When all the things I asked about seemed useful to somebody, I decided to cut something I didn’t ask about. I also cut the listing of pages, since they’re also in tabs at the top of the front page.

Thanks again to those of you who responded. I’m especially grateful for the comments.

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