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Astronomy From Your Desktop: What Am I Missing?

Hi Readers,

I have added a new permanent page to Alaskan Librarian. I’m calling it Astronomy by Internet and it’s a tab on the home page.

It’s my effort to try and track the various projects where professional astronomers are enlisting the public’s help in analyzing astronomical images and other science data. It’s currently organized by type of object being analyzed. I’ve participated in some, but not all of these projects. Every once in awhile, most recently about six months ago, I go looking for a comprehensive directory of such projects, but I haven’t found any. So I’ve started my own.

What I’d like from you is to visit Astronomy by Internet and let me know of other projects that invite amateur astronomers, students and members of the general public to assist them in their work. Other directories of such projects are good too. I’d like the name of the page, the URL and the type of work being done. Please leave a comment here or on the Astronomy by Internet page. Thanks for your help.

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