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LibDay5: Fri: Less Typical Than Thur

My final workweek posting for Library Day in the Life Round 5 is even less usual than yesterday’s for a few reasons, beginning with the fact that my wife a had a 10am appointment and was staying home till then.

6am – Hopped on stationary bike with Realms of the Gods and read a bunch more pages for the next 63 minutes. At the end, the bike assured me I had ridden 19 miles and burned 551 Calories. Wondered if it was right on either score, but felt comforted.

7:50am – Walked to the post office bus stop with intention of making 8:03 bus to get to work by my scheduled 8:30 time.  I think Juneau has a great bus system for a town of its size.

7:55am – Ran into a friend at the post office who gave me a ride to work. I love my small(ish) town!

8:10am – Got to my desk and checked my calendar. I showed four commitments:

  • 9:00am – Teach half hour class (2 students) on Google Groups navigation.
  • 9:30am – Tour Micrographics with Division Director.
  • 11:30am – Reference shift (my 3rd of the week)
  • 4:00pm – Access learning time.

8:40 am – I got a call from the Alaska Court System summoning me to the Dimond Court House as an alternate grand juror. Let people know I was going to the court house and grabbed my coat. Under Alaska Rule of Court 6, this is all I can tell you:

Jury service

I can also tell you that the floor the jury room is on has nice views. Here are a few pictures taken on a break:

Judicial Perspective 1

Judicial perspective 4

When we weren’t on break, our phones had to be turned off and put into a picnic basket under the control of the court clerk. Virtually all of us randomly chosen jurors had iPhones. Made me grateful for my green case.

11:45am – Checked in with our Director because my boss wasn’t in the office and headed to an early lunch to decompress. Don’t ask me why. Rule 6. It’s there for a good reason. Researched Digital Photography Classes at my local University. Looks like I could take a three credit class in September. Looks good, but I estimate it to be $540 for the semester. How much do I like photography? Juneauites – Any opinions on Art S222 “Digital Camera Photography”?

12:45pm – Back at work. Agreed to take a “back up” reference shift from 1-3. That means that a paraprofessional is on the desk who handles straightforward questions and the internet signups I’ve talked about earlier this week. If more difficult questions come up, they can call the backup librarian.

1-3pm – The shift goes pretty quietly. I helped one person with a printing problem. Otherwise I’m not called. During this time I did the following, among other things:

  • Traded e-mails with various IT and Division staff on a database migration. The IT folks literally put their best database expert on it and I’m looking forward to working with her.
  • Tracked down some software that was ordered 7/1 but hadn’t arrived yet.
  • Signed end of the month timesheets for my section staff so they could get paid.

3-4pm Reviewed and answered e-mail, including some that might lead to an expansion of high school internship opportunities for the Division. Reminded me that our relations and interconnections with our parent agency have greatly improved over the past few years.  I also posted a procedure to our staff intranet for bringing our Userful computer network back up after a power failure. The procedure came from the Library IT person I supervised, but I did some light editing before putting on the intranet.

4-5pm – I actually get to my Access Learning Time.  At this point in the book, I’m mostly refreshing my memory about database design concepts I first learned in library school during the mid-1990s. I’m working through Access 2003 Bible instead of something more current because that’s the version the Micrographics label program was written in. I’m reading the book through ebrary, and there’s not a day I don’t give thanks for our subscription.

Ok. That was my work week, Monday through Friday. Since I’ve only been in my current position since April 2010, I’m not really sure whether this was a typical week or not. Ask me in a year.

Not really related to my work, I wanted to share one more photo:

Bobbi Newman tribute shot

I took this picture in the Jury break room. I meant to be photographing something else and I noticed the iPhone was staring right down at my shoes in a pose somewhat reminiscent of one of Bobbi Newman’s shoe pictures. It seemed like a fitting tribute to one of the founders of Library Day in the Life to post a similar picture. Thanks, Bobbi.


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