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Alaska Primary 2010: Who and What Are Appearing

Longtime readers know that for the most part, I avoid blog posts on state politics like the plague. In my line of work I don’t feel comfortable taking public positions on Alaska elected officials or on state ballot issues.

I still vote though, and I’ve realized that it’s about time to think about the primary election coming up on August 24, 2010. There are several propositions including a bond issue on the ballot. There is also plenty of competition for statewide offices among both major parties.

Because of this I wanted to offer a few links to help you educate yourself about who is on the ballot for what and what propositions you are being asked to vote on.

Candidates  for public office by district (Includes Statewide offices like US Senator, Governor, etc)
http://www.elections.alaska.gov/ci_pg_cl_2010_prim.php – includes links to candidate websites.

Candidates for public office by candidate name (If you’re looking for a specific person)

Ballot Measures Appearing on the Primary Election Ballot

Alaska has a partially closed primary. As the Division of Elections explains it:

Based on political party by-laws submitted to the Division of Elections there are three ballot choices:

  • the Alaskan Independence, Democrat and Libertarian Candidate with Ballot Measures ballot – any registered voter may vote this ballot;
  • the Republican Candidate with Ballot Measures ballot – voters registered as Republican, Nonpartisan or Undeclared may vote this ballot; and

So now us Alaskans got two months to study the issues and candidates. I hope you’ll buck the odds and vote. Vote for who you think will do the best job and vote yes on the measures that you believe in.

On the initiatives in particular, I hope you will take the huge stack of mail that will pour in for and against all measures and try to come to your own conclusions about whether these things are good ideas or not.

Advance warning – In keeping with my shyness about Alaska state politics, comments about process and information gathering are welcome. Comments advocating or disparaging particular candidates or measures will be deleted. Feel free to advocate on state politics on your own blog.

  • the Ballot Measures Only ballot – any registered voter may vote this ballot.
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