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Three Books on Aniak

This week our “Three Books on …” series takes us to Aniak. Here is a description of Aniak’s location and climate from the Alaska Communities Database:

Aniak is located on the south bank of the Kuskokwim River at the head of Aniak Slough, 59 miles southeast of Russian Mission in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. It lies 92 air miles northeast of Bethel and 317 miles west of Anchorage. The community lies at approximately 61.578330° North Latitude and -159.522220° West Longitude. (Sec. 12, T017N, R057W, Seward Meridian.) Aniak is located in the Kuskokwim Recording District. The area encompasses 6.5 sq. miles of land and 2.3 sq. miles of water. Climate is maritime in the summer and continental in winter. Temperatures range between -55 and 87 °F. Average yearly precipitation is 19 inches, and average yearly snowfall is 60 inches. The Kuskokwim is ice-free from mid-June through October.

Looking through WorldCat, we find these three books with Aniak as a subject, among others:

McEwen, Malcolm S. 2009. Sonar estimation of chum salmon passage in the Aniak River, 2007. Fishery data series, no. 09-23. Anchorage: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish, Research and Technical Services. – This book may be read online.

Krauthoefer, Tracie A., Jim Simon, Michael Coffing, Madel Kerlin, and Wayne Morgan. 2006. The harvest of non-salmon fish by residents of Aniak and Chuathbaluk, Alaska, 2001-2003. Juneau, Alaska: Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game, Division of Subsistence. This book may be read online.

Moore, Vivian R., and Franklin L. Berry. 1972. Educational facilities for Aniak, Emmonak and Mountain Village area high schools: a report. [Fairbanks]: Center for Northern Educational Research, University of Alaska.

Join us next week as our trek through WorldCat takes us to Anvik.

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