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Not Obese, Just Overweight

Update April 2015: Living Lean has been updated since I wrote the entry below. Please understand that my comments do not refer to the current program.


Back in December 2009, I weighed about 220 pounds, for a BMI of 36 which is well into the obese range, according to the National Institute of Health’s Body Mass Index calculator. Yesterday I weighed in at 174 lbs for a BMI of 29. This means that I am no longer obese.

I just wanted to publicly celebrate this fact. From here I plan to continue to use the process I’ve outlined elsewhere to get down to the 150-160 range. 150 is the heavy end of normal weight for me, but somewhere in the 150s would content me because I exercise five days a week and some weekends, so I wouldn’t be surprised that the regular BMI tables overestimate my fat levels. When I get to the point where I keep my weight stable for a month or so, I’ll buy a few new clothes.

Update July 2011: I gained most of my weight back and as of July 2011 weighed 206 lbs. For more, see I am the Yo-Yo. I’m not blaming the Living Lean program.  As Lou Ryan says, it’s all about choosing living lean or living lardy. For a number of reasons I’m not going into, I’ve developed a problem in continuing to choose lean. But they’re still my choices. I’ve recently started on trying to make better choices and we’ll see what happens.


5 Responses

  1. Congrats! It’s always a nice feeling to lose weight. It sounds like you’ve done some great work!

  2. Good for you!

    I’m in a similar situation, but haven’t had the same success. You’ve reminded me it is possible. Thank you!

    all the best,

  3. i’ve been there, done that, and have successfully — so far — managed to keep my weight constant at 165 for several years. but — it’s virtually a full time job keeping the weight there.

    and the recumbent bike five days a week is also something that i have to live with, although have been doing it so long — since ’66? — it’s sort of a religion, now. why? because when you miss a day, you feel guilty.

    nonetheless, my hat is off to you for the fortitude! just keep it going.

  4. Hi Ray, thanks for stopping by and sharing your story and encouragement. Although the bike is new, I’ve been doing some kind of morning workout for about three years now. I started on a manual treadmill I got a garage sale, then an elliptical I bought from friends moving out of town. When that died, I got the bike. My weight just didn’t budge much until this past January when I started working on my eating issues. Eating right does seem to be a daily decision.

  5. Dear Carolyn and Nan, thanks for the kind words. Nan, glad to be of encouragement.

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