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Alaska Volcano Playing Cards

Want to get someone something really different? How about a pack of playing cards that features all 52 of Alaska’s currently active volcanoes? They are being put out by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Geological and Geophysical Resources. Here is the description from their information page:

IC 59 is a unique publication as it is in the format of playing cards. We think it’s no coincidence that there are exactly 52 historically volcanoes in Alaska as of December 2009; and we hope to engage the user in a fun, educational experience. Each full-color card provides the location coordinates and photo of the volcano, and up to six colored dots that correspond to a legend on one of the joker cards. The dots represent characteristics of the volcano, such as a documented eruption, fumaroles, deformation, or earthquake swarms. The packet includes a two-sided information sheet with photo captions/credits for each volcano.

This card deck can be yours for just $6.00. Call 907-451-5020 to order.

I regret not being able to post about this unique gift idea before Christmas, but maybe you can still use it as a gift idea in the next year.

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