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Heaven Will be Filled With Aliens

As a Christian, I believe in a single creator of our entire universe who wishes to be in fellowship with the sentient creatures He made. As an astronomy buff, I believe there is intelligent life in the universe. Put these two beliefs together and I can’t escape the conclusion that humans will be a tiny minority in Heaven. It’s simple math. There are nearly uncountable numbers of stars in the observable universe. On estimate from the European Space Agency suggests that the total number of stars in the galaxy something like 1022 to 1024 stars. Even if we assume that only 1 in a billion stars harbors a world like Earth with intelligent life, the total number of intelligent races in the universe would be something like 1011 to 1013. That’s 100 billion to 10 trillion sentient races in the universe.

Unless God is a segregationist, which I don’t think He is, we will be dealing with many people quite unlike ourselves. Maybe we should start practicing tolerance and civility now with the beings that are most like ourselves. The task will not be easier in Heaven.


2 Responses

  1. It seems to me that if there is a heaven and a hell, then God is a segregationist. Perhaps everyone ends up with people who are as tolerant and civil as themselves and it’s up to them to decide if they’ve ended up in heaven or hell.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I was thinking of innate characteristics rather than one’s choices between good and evil. But your point is taken.

    Have you read CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce? It makes the case that we do engage in self-selection for either Heaven or Hell. Makes a good case to me.

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