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Book Review: Bounce by Keith McFarland

Through the magic of ListenAlaska, I recently listened to the audiobook:

McFarland, Keith R. 2009. Bounce: the art of turning tough times into triumph. New York: Crown Business.

The book was part business and part social psychology. It is told in the form of a fable but appears to be backed up by research and the author’s business experience. I found it engaging and credible. The last chapter gives sources for the author’s concepts and research findings mentioned in the fable. Doesn’t work well as an audio book, but makes the paper version more useful.

This book could have been titled “Business lessons from Army Rangers” as most of the really useful business lessons are imparted by an Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan. None of the lessons involve calling in close air support on your business competitors. The lessons are focused on ways to build resiliency, which is where the social psychology comes in. The book also notes the importance of transparency and the need to involve ALL levels of your organization in problem solving.

The book has a companion website and blog at http://www.nowbounce.com/.

I found the book pretty inspiring and it gave me some good ideas for work. I hope you’ll check it out.


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