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Softer Side of Michael Reagan

Housekeeping note: I am back on the grid. I’m writing this entry from my new laptop in the Burbank airport waiting to go home to Alaska.

My limited experience of presidential son and conservative talk show host Michael Reagan has been of a mocking and name calling man in the mold of Rush Limbaugh and others across the political spectrum more interested in heat than light.

But thanks to my brother, I got to experience a different, compassionate side of Michael Reagan. My brother and his finance’ took me to a fundraiser for the My Stuff Bags Foundation¬†last Friday. The foundation packs care packages for children rescued from abusive parents and other terribly difficult situations. The idea is to give these kids a sense of dignity by giving them something they can carry with them wherever they go. Getting a bag also is a concrete way of showing that some people do care about them. I think this work is worthy and I funded a bag. I hope you will consider doing so too.

Michael Reagan is the honorary national spokesman for this group and he spoke eloquently at the fundraiser. He really seemed to believe in the work and was very encouraging. Even in this non-partisan setting, he couldn’t resist getting in at least one dig at the President. At the end of his talk about My Stuff Bags, he stated that people fretting about Obama’s indecision could relax — after much deliberation, the President signed orders for 40,000 troops — and they were headed to Fox. I’m not a Republican, but I laughed at it’s cleverness. Still seemed out-of-place for an event dedicated to abused children. But I appreciate Mr. Reagan’s commitment to helping children in need.

I bring up this story because it highlights a point I try to make here periodically — Never write off your political opponents. You never know if there is at least one issue that you might be able to work hand in hand on. Try. If they won’t play along (health care comes to mind), feel free to move on without them. But gauge their interest first. You might get a pleasant surprise.


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  1. The 40,000 troops heading for the Fox Studios would be a more robust protest than that weak and wimpy Palin protest last summer outside Dave Letterman’s studio just a few doors away — 15 protesters with 35 intrepid MSM reporters and camera people!!

    Seriously, Fox opinionators are just a hair away from sedition. No doubt the U.S. Dept. of Justice is waiting for them to cross the line, and the FBI is already on the job monitoring the loyal Fox stupids who broadcast everything they think on them thar intertubes…

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