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Autopilot Blog w/No Moderation This Week

If you are reading this entry, it means that I have made it to Southern California to visit my ailing father. I will be gone for a week or so. You’ll still see a few blog posts, but I wrote them up weeks ago and scheduled WordPress to post them for me.

My blog is set up that if you haven’t ever commented before, your comment goes into a moderation queue. This week that means that if you’re a first time commentor, your comments won’t be posted until I return. You’re not being censored (unless you’ve also violated my comments policy), you’re just being delayed. At least it’s better than being stranded in a plane on the tarmac for six hours straight.

In case you’re wondering, my Alaskan home remains well defended in my absence. Defenses include cats who have tasted blood. Can’t tell if they liked it or not.

See you next week.


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  1. Hope your dad is OK. Safe journey. I do hope you did Monday’s constitutional moment in advance!

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