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Space for Women – 1981

The 30 minute video above was produced by NASA and preserved by the National Archives. They uploaded it to YouTube this year.

For a 38 year old training video, it holds up pretty well. I wish it had been shown in my high school classes back in the early 1980s. I think it would have been inspiring to some of the girls in my school.

NASA did a good job of celebrating possibilities for women without putting anyone else down. They talk to female astronaut candidates, engineers, research scientists and safety officers.

One funny bit for NASA fanboys like myself is the emphasis placed on the shuttle Enterprise. That shuttle was built as a full scale flight model without engines and was never intended to go into space.

The other funny bit is for my Star Trek fan side and that is the fact that this video is narrated by Ricardo Monteblan. To have a whipsaw effect from the attitude range of the same speaker, watch Space Seed directly after watching this video.

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