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Blogger site is dead

When I transferred my blog to WordPress, I kept the alaskanlibrarian.blogspot.com as an archive.

I visited there today to find that Blogger, with perfect justice, had deleted my blog archive. It’s their right to do so and I have no hard feelings since I hadn’t posted over there for more than a year. They have no obligation to provide a free archive forever.

The main point of this entry is that I am NO LONGER responsible for any content that eventually shows up at alaskanlibrarian.blogspot.com. It’s just not my fault.

If you’re an Alaskan librarian blogger who wants to pick up the name, I won’t begrudge it to you. Just make it clear you’re not me.


3 Responses

  1. That’s too bad, but you will always be THE ALASKAN LIBRARIAN to some of us.

  2. Why not reactivate alaskanlibrarian.blogspot.com and just put a redirect on it that sends visitors to your new blog? After all, it’s free. And that would keep anyone else from acquiring and (possibly) misusing it.

  3. Albert, Thanks for the suggestion. I thought about doing that, but that would make me feel like a cyber-squatter since I wouldn’t actually *do* anything with the address. I’m sticking to loudly disclaiming responsibility for whatever comes next at that address.

    Miss Sunshine, don’t worry. All of the posts minus video highlights that were at blogger are also here. I also have no current plans to stop blogging here at WordPress.

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