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To be an Alaskan is to be an Optimist

Continuing my highlights from:

Bone, Scott C. 1925. Alaska, its past, present, future. [Juneau, Alaska?]: Issued by the Governor’s Office.

I’d like to share another quote I feel is about as true in 2009 as it was in 1925, if we made the language more gender inclusive:

Not to be an optimist is not to be an Alaskan. To know Alaska is to love Alaska. To understand Alaskans is to pin your faith to their sturdy characters implicitly. Hope, deferred in their case has not served to make their hearts sick. They may, as they sometimes do, become a bit contentious and magnify petty grievances and air their differences–Heaven knows there is little else to do while marking time!– but let one of their number meet with misfortune and they rally to his aid as one man. Never is the helping hand withheld. It is extended spontaneously, warmly, generously. Fixed and irreconcilable hatreds are uncommon, if not unknown. Quarrels are of the surface only. A common lot makes for a communion of fellowship and at heart a brotherly love which will ever stand the crucial test.

Fellow Alaskans, does this ring true for you? Aside from quarreling at all, it rings true for me, especially in the way that my whole Division came together to save materials at the Alaska State Archives after last month’s flood.

People Outside, is it true in your communities? Do you have a favorite helping story? And where do you get your optimism from?

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