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Whacking Environmentalists: A Long AK Tradition

Alaskan politicians of both parties have long complained about the “locking up” of Alaska by “radical environmentalists.” This has been going on for a long time. At least 85 years as shown by the book:

Bone, Scott C. 1925. Alaska, its past, present, future. [Juneau, Alaska?]: Issued by the Governor’s Office.

On page 9 of his book he writes,

Conservation of our national resources is necessary, of course, but it must be a rational conservation that can be translated to practical ends for the public good. Under such a policy of mistaken conservation as that applied to Alaska the country west of the Rocky Mountains would today be a waste and a wilderness and Denver, Salt Lake, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and other fine cities in the inter-mountain and coast regions would be mere frontier towns, if they existed at all.

Sounds like it could have been written yesterday.


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  1. Greenpeace grew roots between the Bering and Pacific Seas protesting the blast out on Amchitka (sp?).

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