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Governor Bone: Force Knowledge of Alaska

In his book,

Bone, Scott C. 1925. Alaska, its past, present, future. [Juneau, Alaska?]: Issued by the Governor’s Office.

Governor Bone expresses a frustration that many Alaskans share today. Simply put, you folks Outside just don’t understand us and don’t seem to want to. After expressing a long version of the last sentence on pages 4 and 5, Governor Bone laments:

“Something more potential with the masses than a National University of Polite Unlearning is required to correct and dispel these ridiculous popular misconceptions about Alaska and force upon the public mind a fair and accurate knowledge of this great Northland.”

Some of the facts he wishes people knew about Alaska were:

  • Alaska is not a monumental iceberg or glacier.
  • It is not snowbound and in the grip of bitter, biting elements.
  • It is not cut off from the world.
  • Its temperature in the interior, in mid-winter, is no more severe than in the Northern and far Western States.
  • Millions of people live happily and thrive in Norway and Sweden and in sections of our own country under climate conditions no more favorable, if not more severe, than the general climatic conditions of Alaska.

As far as I can tell from talking to friends who live in the lower 48, these facts remain unknown with the possible exception that they now know we’re not cut off from the world.

Nearly 85 years of trying to erradicate ignorance about Alaska and we seem to still have our work cut out for us.


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  1. Good point. We have many relatives living in Alaska and they love it.

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