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House Bill Gets Us to 94% Coverage

According to a  July 26, 2009 letter from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the current house health care bill HR 3200, will raise percentage of insured Americans from 81% to 94% with minimal effect on unemployment. This seems like a good use of a trillion dollars or so over ten years.

Some of the effects on employment might even be beneficial, according to the CBO:

Increasing the availability of health insurance that is not related to employment could lead more people to retire before age 65 or choose not to work at younger ages. It might also encourage other workers to take jobs that better match their skills, because they would not have to stay in less desirable jobs solely to maintain their health insurance.

I’ve seen people who have felt stuck in their jobs over health insurance issues. They make lousy coworkers and aren’t much better for the customers. Universal health coverage could make this a thing of the past. That’s one reason that unlike Congress, I’ll be doing what I can on health care over the August break.

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