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If You Knew Him Like I Did

If you think law review articles are dull,  think again. Law review articles cover the gamut of human experience. This seems to be especially true of articles from the Alaska Law Review. A quick glance through current and back issues pulled up these intriguing titles:

If You Knew Him Like I Did, You’d Have Shot Him, Too . . .” A Survey of Alaska’s Law of Self-Defense by James Fayette. – December 2006

Salmon, Sage-brush, and Safaris: Alaska’s Territorial Judicial System and the Adventures of the Floating Court, 1901-1915 by Michael Schwaiger. – June 2009.

A Sexual Relationship, Did We Have One? A Review of The Definition of “Sexual Relationship” Within the Context of Alaska’s Domestic Violence Laws by Beth Goldstein Lewis Trimmer. – December 2007

The Golden Retriever Rule: Alaska’s Identity Privilege for Animal Adoption Agencies and for Adoptive Animal Owners by John J. Tiemessen and Jason A. Weiner. – June 2004

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Correlative Rights, and Sourdough: Not Just for Bread Anymore by Robert W. Corbisier. – December 2002

Aside from publishing articles on specific subjects, the Alaska Law Review also produces a “Year in Review” of selected cases settled by Alaska courts. The “Year in Review” is arranged by subject and the 2008 issue is available at http://www.law.duke.edu/journals/alr/YIR2008.pdf. Previous issues of the “Year in Review” can be found at http://www.law.duke.edu/journals/alr/year.html.

The archives of the Alaska Law Review are available online in full text at http://www.law.duke.edu/journals/alr/.


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  1. “… the gambit of human experience …”

    Perhaps you mean “gamut” ?

    gam·ut Listen to the pronunciation of gamut
    Medieval Latin gamma, lowest note of a medieval scale (from Late Latin, 3d letter of the Greek alphabet) + ut ut
    15th century

    1 : the whole series of recognized musical notes
    2 : an entire range or series

  2. Thanks for stopping by Albert. You are absolutely correct and I thank you for letting me know that I was wrong. I have changed gambit to gamut.

  3. Thanks for the refrence to my 2004 article. However, I’m not so certain that the content will be as “intriguing” to a lay audience as the title may suggest…

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