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Resources on Past Alaska Fires

Every year Alaska seems to have at least one major fire.  Where can you turn to compare the current year to past years?

Alaska has two agencies that collect fire data for different purposes. The Division of Forestry within the Alaska Department of Natural Resources has the Fire and Aviation Program which collects information on wildfires. They collect statistics about acreage burned in wildfires and whether the fires occured on state, federal, municipal, tribal or private land.  Statistics from this program are currently available from 1990-2007 at http://forestry.alaska.gov/firestats/.

The other Alaska agency that collects fire statistics is the Division of Fire and Life Safety within the Alaska Department of Public Safety. Their home page tallies deaths for the current year. As of this writing, 14 Alaskans have lost their lives to fire. Historical statistics on fatalities, injuries types of fires can be found at http://www.dps.state.ak.us/fire/TEB/alaskafirestatistics.aspx. Statistics are available from 2004-2007.

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