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Walking Tour of Solar System

A few weeks ago, I thought it would be neat to demonstrate the distance between planets in the solar system by documenting Juneau’s Solar System walk on video. The Solar System walk is out at Twin Lakes. This video is about three and a half minutes long and has pictures both of the “planet stations” (which have worn down over the years) and of JPL photographs and/or artist’s conceptions.

If you find it useful, you’re welcome to share it. If you like astronomy, but don’t find it helpful, I’d welcome suggestions for improvement.

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  1. I’ve been attending astronomy lectures this week. Can make you feel very small. For me, a 6 day creationist, it just puts me more in awe of God’s power and design, “In the beginning God. . .” especially when we were told they now know of 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Also makes the “we control the climate change” people look pretty strange. Like a mite on a parasite on an elephant’s tail thinking he holds the reins.

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