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Chain of Death Broken

When I read about Dr. George Tiller’s assaination by Scott Roeder, I reflected that this was one more link in a sequence of death that I supposed would end with Kansas giving Mr. Roeder the death penalty. What I imagined looked something like this:

– A mother decides that her unborn child would make her life unbearable, so she gets an abortion from Dr. Tiller.

– Scott Roeder decides that Dr. Tiller is a cancer on American society and guns him down in Dr. Tiller’s church in front of enough witnesses to “send a message.”

– The State of Kansas decides that keeping a killer alive is an undue burden and puts Mr. Roeder to death.

I pictured three decisions using the exact same logic – this human life is a problem and must be eliminated.

But, I’m pleasantly surprised that according to the Wall Street Journal’s opinion blog, Kansas won’t be seeking the death penalty for Mr. Roeder. See http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2009/06/05/absence-of-aggravators-why-scott-roeder-isnt-death-penalty-eligible/ for details.

I say this, not because I think that Scott Roeder’s assaination was anything but a cowardly act designed to sow fear in the man’s faith community, but because I’m against the death penalty in all countries with the resources for life imprisonment.

I’m also against the death penalty for Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, the other cowardly domestic terrorist who last week gunned down military recruiter Pvt. William Long  and gravely wounded Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula during the course of their duties.

Based on the publicly available information, both Roeder and Muhammad were acting in the standard Culture of Death way. Both stated that their targets were involved in the killing of innocents. And the only way to lessen the killing was to “take out” people responsible for some of the deaths.

We need another way.


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  1. While I don’t agree that abortion is taking a human life, that’s somewhat beside the point. I follow your logic and couldn’t agree more. I, too, expected this state to kill Roeder. In my opinion, that only lowers the state to his level. I applaud you for being a voice of reason amid a sea of hatred. I also agree regarding the murderer of Pvt. Long, or anyone else. I despise terrorists of all stripes, but I don’t believe adding to the killing is any kind of solution.

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