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War Week: Sitka Military History

This time on War Week, we examine the web site of Gabe Emerson, a former student of Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka. He created the site while a junior in high school. His site is:

Sitka Military History

Mr. Emerson seems to have spent a lot of research in compiling this material. Aside from the reading list he provides on his “about the author” page, he states “Some of my sources of information include the Isabel Miller Museum, William Lawrence, Alan Jerram, Matt Hunter, The MEHS maintenance crew, and various people in town and other places who I have interviewed or corresponded with.”

The result of this research is a respectable looking history of the following military installations in Sitka:

Mr. Emerson’s site also has a set of maps and an index to the materials he presents.

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