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An Abortion Doesn’t Get You a Job

Last month I got an e-mail from Feminists for Life that quoted a number of news clippings featuring abortion providers noting that the economic downturn was good for their business.

I asked for permission to reproduce their e-mail because I think it makes an important point — although economics is often cited in good faith by women seeking abortions, often having an abortion doesn’t help their economic well being. They are still poor and suffering. I received permission to reproduce part of the e-mail with a link to the entire text. Here it is:

Abortion providers document own failure to serve women. FFL reveals plan.

Dear Feminist for Life,

Abortion providers speak in a compassionate-sounding way about women who are driven to abortion—by the loss of a job, lack of health care, low income, or lack of support from the father of the child, who may also be facing dire straits—but they do nothing to address the root causes that drive these women to abortion.

Women deserve better. We must do more than simply wring our hands and accept failures like these:

IN CALIFORNIA…A pregnant woman showed up at the medical center in flip-flops and in tears, after walking there to save bus fare. Her boyfriend had lost his job, she told doctors in Oakland, and now—fearing harder times for her family, she wanted to abort what would have been her fourth child. “This was a desired pregnancy—she’d been getting prenatal care—but they re-evaluated expenses and decided not to continue,” said Dr. Pratima Gupta. (Newsday, March 25, 2009)

Women deserve better.®

ALSO IN CALIFORNIA…Shanie Scott, legislative director of Planned Parenthood-Shasta Diablo in California, said the center is seeing more clients who are unemployed and have lost their health insurance. (Chicago Tribune, March 10, 2009)

Women deserve better.®

IN TEXAS…[A] woman who terminated her pregnancy at 14 weeks—a mother of two whose husband is stationed at a military base in Texas—said it took time to find the money to pay for her abortion, which the family’s military insurance did not cover. “I don’t like the fact of an abortion,” said the woman, who asked that her name not be published because some family members do not know she ended a pregnancy. “It’s really not the easy way out.” (Chicago Tribune, March 10, 2009)

Women deserve better.®

Link to full text http://www.feministsforlife.org/news/abortion-providers-document-own-failure-to-serve-women-ffl-unveils-plan.htm

Part of the answer to abortion is going to include better support for pregnant women and young mothers. I respect Feminists for Life for supporting this dimension and hope you’ll read the whole e-mail. I also encourage you to read the Pregnant Women Support Act and ask your Senators and Representative to get this legislation passed. Respect for life shouldn’t end with birth.

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