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Downtown Kodiak with View of St. Herman Orthodox Seminary

Downtown Kodiak with View of St. Herman Orthodox Seminary

Originally uploaded by AlaskanLibrarian

I’ve hit a sort of dry spell in my blogging. I’ve got ideas, but I’ve been either too tired or too distracted by recent news to elaborate on those ideas.

So I’m expecting blogging to be light for awhile. But I’m going to try and find time to highlight some photos. This one was taking while I was attending the Alaska Library Association conference in Kodiak, Alaska in March 2009. It was a pretty lovely experience, even getting weathered in with a few of the speakers.


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  1. Wonderful photos. I seem to never have a shortage of blog topics, what with obama driving us over a cliff. Not that we can put the brakes on. . .

  2. From my perspective, we barely avoided the cliff. I’m grateful that the brakes were finally put on and that we can put the last eight torturous eight years in the rear view mirror. I don’t agree with everything Obama is doing, but 80% is much better than the 10% I had with President Bush. It is morning in America again. Plus, we have a President who is confident enough to talk to our enemies instead of doing physical contortions to avoid encountering adversaries.

    By the way, what does Obama have to do with Kodiak anyway? Could it be Obama Derangement Syndrome? David Horowitz of Frontpage magazine speculates it could be.

    One thing that you can count on is that neither the President nor I will ever question your patriotism simply because you disagree with his policies. That in itself was worth the election to me.

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