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There are other answers

In one of my local newspapers, I read an article entitled, “Women should have a choice” by a 8th grade girl. I’m not going to give her name or link to her article because I don’t want her to get savaged by anti-abortionists (as opposed to pro-lifers). It would probably only strengthen her commitment to abortion.

But the article is so sad and ironic to me that I wanted to share it’s main points and it’s last three sentences.

The student says that abortion solves the following situations:

  • If you have a severe illness and the pregnancy is likely to kill you.
  • Becoming pregnant in cases of rape or incest.
  • If you’re too young to have a child.

In the first instance, I’d have to reluctantly agree that abortion may be the answer if it is truly the case that the pregnancy was likely to kill or severely injure the mother. I think it could be regarded as a case of self defense.

But the other two instances, abortion is being presented as the only meaningful answer and its not. I have some personal experience with this. My late mother was raped when she was 16. Her baby was both the product of a rape and most people would have argued she was too young to have it. But she did have my oldest brother, Donny (also deceased, but another story) and lived a relatively adjusted life.

But there’s no need for a woman to be reminded of the product of her rape. She can give up the child for adoption. Adoption is not as easy as it could be in this country and pro-lifers need to work on that. But it is an option and that likely will become easier. But we don’t need to kill the baby to get it out of the mother’s life.

Same goes for teen mothers. Being a teen single mother is hard. But adoption is another answer for them as well. For a girl not be made a mother too young, it is not necessary to kill the baby. It’s a hard task to carry a baby to term for nine months and it is something I will never know as a man. But having the baby and giving it up for adoption accomplishes the same results as an abortion and another did not have to die to make it happen.

The difficult work of carrying a baby to term, especially with the lack of social (family, friends, pregnancy-friendly job) and economic support available in today’s America, will be a burden for women that do not want or cannot handle the responsibilities of motherhood. But this fits in nicely with the end of the student’s article:

“Why be selfish? It’s their body, not yours. Let them do what they want with their body.”

This sentiment could be reworked slightly and said to women seeking (or being pressured into) abortion:

“I know you’re scared or feel that this baby has come at exactly the wrong time. But it’s the baby’s body that is disposed of in abortion, not yours.  Let the baby live. With another family if that’s best, but please let the baby live.”

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy and they feel uncertain about what to do, try pointing them to either the pregnancy resources at Feminists for Life or have a look at the Family Issues page of USA.gov.

If you’d like to help the support that is available to expectant mothers of all ages, I invite you to look over the following two bills currently before Congress:

Pregnant Women Support Act (HR 605)
Current status – In committee


Pregnant Women Support Act (S 270)
Current status – In committee

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