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Why More Alaska?

Careful readers of this blog may have noticed an uptick in Alaska themed content. While I’ve always written about Alaska items from time to time, I’m trying to commit to one Alaska themed post a week this year.

I’m doing this because it has been my good fortune to be accepted as an occasional contributor to the online news magazine Alaska Dispatch. The people who run the site monitor my blog and asked me if they could run a post every once in awhile in their Talk of the Tundra section. I don’t get paid, but I do get extra exposure and Alaskans have a long history of helping each other. I don’t know which posts will get featured although my first two stories were ones I suggested.

Alaska Dispatch was started by a few ex-Anchorage Daily News journalists and features an ecletic group of writers including Don Young, Lisa Murkowski, Andrew Halcro, Ned Rozell, Amanda Coyne and Wev Shea. There are articles about all aspects of life in Alaska, along with a good dose of state politics which I read but do not publicly comment on. If you’re interested in Alaska, I think Alaska Dispatch is worth a look.

And if you’re here because you read Alaska Dispatch, welcome!

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