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Alaska Energy Plans Through the Years

The introduction of Alaska’s latest energy plan came with some people saying that previous energy plans for Alaska gathered dust on shelves. I don’t know about dust, but a number of past plans are on the shelves of Alaska’s libraries.  A search of WorldCat.org for the words Alaska Energy Plan limited to State of Alaska agencies for authors pulls up 25 items spanning from 1975 to 1999.

Plans past include:

  • Alaska. 1975. Power development plan. Anchorage, Alaska: Division of Energy & Power Development, Dept. of Commerce & Economic Development.
  • Alaska. 1980. 1980 Alaska power development plan: draft final report. Anchorage: The Division.
  • Alaska. 1982. State of Alaska long term energy plan. DEPD, 82-530-R4. Anchorage: Dept. of Commerce and Economic Development.
  • Alaska. 1999. Rural energy plan: additional information on alternative energy. [Anchorage, Alaska]: The Division.

While I want to see the current plan make it into Alaska’s libraries, I also wish it the greatest success in making its goal of 50% renewables by 2025 a reality.

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