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New Feature: Alaska Library News

If you visit my site even once in a while, you noticed that after then-Senator Obama won the Democratic nomination, the upper right hand side of the page was given over to Obama campaign news. Once he became President-Elect, it became Presidential Transition News.

Now that he is President, I’ve decided to de-politicize that portion of my page while promoting libraries. So, if you visit my site today, you’ll see the last five stories from the blogs of Alaskan libraries I know about. Currently those library blogs  (names w/feeds) are:

Alaska Bush Library Service

Alaska Historical Collection’s Mystery Photos

Alaska Library Association

Homer Public Library

Juneau Public Library Book Blog

Ketchikan Public Library

Seldovia Public Library

SHI Special Collections Research Center Blog

Since You Asked (Alaska State Library)


I encourage to click on the library story links often. And maybe subscribe to the feeds above by copying and pasting the feed URLs above into your favorite RSS reader.

And if you know of any other Alaska Libraries or Alaska Library Association units that produce blogs that are publicly available, let me know and I’ll add them to the news feed and to the blogroll at the Alaska Library Association blog.

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