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My National Day of Service in Juneau

As I think most people in this country knew, President-Elect Obama asked people to make Martin Luther King day, “A day on, not a day off.” I was one of many people who answered the call. I went to the national day of service site and registered for a local event.

My spouse had other plans and needed the car so I took the bus out to a local nonprofit that said they needed help sorting donations of food and clothing. I got to the site early, so I took about a 20 minute walk in 40ish degree weather. I went back to the agency and found about six other volunteers ready to help. There were enough of us that we occasionally got in each other’s way. But about an hour later disorderly piles of all kinds of things were sorted into boxes of coats, blankets, food stuffs and other things desperately needed by our local non-profits. People who had cars were invited to deliver the packaged goods. Since I took the bus, I went home. I was glad to see enough people turned out to make light work of what needed to be done.

My hope is that we’ll continue the idea of a National Day of Service, but we’ll transfer it to September 11th and make that a national holiday. What better memorial to the victims of 9/11 than a commitment to engage in acts of national renewal year after year?


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  1. What a great idea! I volunteer my time in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field. To turn a date of such chaos and negativity and turn it into positive actions is a wonderful idea! I hope Obama listens.

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