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Movie Review: This Film has not yet been rated

This week, my spouse and I watched the film:

Schmidt, Eddie, Kirby Dick, Blake Leyh, John Waters, Kevin Smith, Matt Stone, Kimberly Peirce, et al. 2007. This film is not yet rated. Santa Monica, CA: Genius Entertainment.

This movie gives you an example of the methods used by private detectives. Really. The MPAA ratings board and its appeals board are kept in secrecy, so filmmaker Kirby Dick hired a PI to track them down and name them. How the PI goes about doing so is pretty cool.

But it’s not a detective movie, but a documentary about how film ratings are assigned in this country. The way violence is privileged over sex is discussed with filmmakers, attorneys and others. The treatment of indies vs studios and gay vs. straight sex is documented with side by side scenes where one movie got an R and another an NC-17. The movie does a good job of making the whole process appear capricious and loaded in favor of the major studios. By the time the movie is done, you’ll feel like demanding an antitrust investigation.

It’s worth watching for that reason, but be warned that there are many, many images that are NOT work safe and/or disturbing. They are all shown in context and none of the sex is gratuitous.

When you watch this movie, keep your remote handy. The sequences between interviews are incredibly loud. Like MTV on speed.

Like most of the stuff I review here, this film is available through your library. If it’s not on the shelf, use interlibrary loan.

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